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  • Storm Damage

    Nothing can be more worrisome than a leaking roof during a severe Twin Cities storm or even worse, an undetected problem that secretly grows to give you an unexpected roof failure.


    If this happens, you can depend on Pro Edge Construction Company, a Twin Cities roof repair contractor with a reputation of excellence. We serve homes and businesses in the Twin Cities. We are just a call away – available to respond to emergency weather damages and secure your Twin Cities property against further harm.

    Minnesota Storms

    Wind storm and hail damage to our Roofs and Siding are very common in our area. Even small hail can significantly damage your roofing or siding systems. The damage is not always obvious to an average person. Sometimes homeowners can't visually see any problems but then notice leaking or structural damage to the house after many years. This is because roofing and siding material can sustain cracks during the storm but then become bigger with time and cause your roof or siding to fail.


    Wind damage is much more obvious. When you notice missing or loose pieces on your roof or siding you should contact a specialist to inspect and plan the necessary repairs or replacements to prevent more serious damages to your property.


    In almost every case of wind and hail damage the homeowner’s insurance will cover all the costs of repair and replacement. We specialize in helping homeowners through insurance claim process to ensure that all damages are assessed correctly and completely. First, we schedule a free inspection to determine if the property has in fact sustained the damages before we would advise to open or not an insurance claim.

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